Powell’s Sweet Shoppe

Powell's Sweet ShoppeOh My God, I love this place!! The minute I walk through the door, I am transported to my childhood. They have all of the candy I used to eat. Notice I say, “used to.” I could go Hog Wild in this store. I certainly act like a kid when I am there; which is why I highly recommend if you need to just act like a kid again or get out of the dumps, walk through Powell’s door.

The minute you do visit, you see and hear the film “Willie Wonka and The Chocolate Factory” playing at a mini-theatre in the place. This is the Willie Wonka with Gene Wilder, not Johnny Depp. I found the Depp movie a bit creepy, too Tim Burtonish. I really like the old movie and the musical numbers. I’m sure the employees are totally sick of it because it’s the only movie they show! But, you are totally immerse in candy, from Abba Zabbas to wax lips, gum, gummys, sours, sweets, soda and everything in between. I’ll pop in now and then and buy a Bit O’ Honey or a cup of gelato. Yes, they have the best gelato!! There is so much in store that there is something for everyone, no matter your age.

Yum! Mountain of CandyLucy and Ethel
The other treasures at Powell’s are all of the knic knac’s, toys and lunch boxes. May favorites are the jelly bean pooping pigs and cows and the new catapults that launch pickles, cows, kittens or pigs (you’ll just have to go see). The lunch boxes are retro featuring the Ding Dong King, Sugar Daddy, Smurfs and more.

Moon Pie Poops a DaisyGelato

Powell’s is located in the Court Street complex in San Luis Obispo and on the park, 10th Street, in Paso Robles. They are a franchise, so check them out at www.powellsss.com.

2 thoughts on “Powell’s Sweet Shoppe

  1. We love Powell’s! Our favorite birthday gift is a gift certificate to Powell’s along with a cool toothbrush. Kids think it is fantastic and parents like the follow-up toothbrush idea. It also gives us many reasons to get in the store and find sweets for ourselves! Great post about a terrific downtown treat.

  2. I love it, too! My honey and I went there last week before we went to the movies. I was in jellybean heaven.

    They do such a nice job with all the displays.

    Great post. Thanks!

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