The Octagon Barn

There are lots of great barns in San Luis Obispo County. They give the area a sense of history, Majesty and charm. I often look at old barns and try to imagine days of old when they were filled with animals, hay and equipment like plows and shiny new horseshoes.

Octagon Barn

One of the most beautiful and historic barns in San Luis Obispo is the Octagon Barn because it has eight sides. I believe it was part of a dairy farm and it still stands today on South Higuera Rd. At one point, the barn was in such disrepair, it was scheduled to be torn down. But, a group of people came to the rescue and it stands today, as beautiful as ever. The barn is painted white and it was restored to its original look. As you can see by the picture, the barn is adorned with lights for Christmas.

I will take some shots of some of the other magnificent barns in the county and post some time soon. If you have a chance and you are driving around SLO at night this Christmas season, take a moment to drive past the Octagon Barn on lower Higuera.

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