Let’s Go SLO

Welcome to Let’s Go SLO!

I’m re-starting this blog to share my experiences of one of the best places in California that is also one of its best kept secrets. Why? Well read the following.

Let’s Go SLO means two things. First, for me, it really is about slowing down and enjoying all the things that San Luis Obispo County has to offer. And, it has a lot to offer. I have lived here for thirteen years and I have yet to scratch the surface of its many assets from restaurants, wineries, the beaches and the Arts to Farmer’s Markets, businesses and the people that live and work here. I have been behind my computer way too much in my work producing events. So this blog is a way to get me out and about, explore my community and write (really fun writing) about it. Second, it’s about sharing all the wonderful things to do, see and participate in around the county. I hope after you’ve read some of my stories that you will say to yourself, “Lets Go SLO.” Come for a visit, slow down, relax and enjoy our little piece of paradise.

San Luis Obispo County is situated at the half-way point between San Francisco and Los Angeles, California’s largest metropolitan cities. It is a small community, about 260,000 citizens. Many are transplants from SF and LA, but most are “locals,” born and raised here. It’s population swells when the campus of Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo is in session. Yes, we’re a college town in, if you can believe, rural California.

San Luis Obispo can take your breath away. It is a culture and a lifestyle. As an LA transplant, I was amazed when I drove to work through open spaces and could see cows grazing on the land. I still get a kick out of it. There is also miles of pristine beaches to explore, trails to hike, coves to kayak around and so much more. The county is also one of the largest producers of wine grapes with award-winning winemakers and wines. The area has been called “the next Napa,” but that description is an injustice. Our region has a distinction all of its own.

So, come with me and Let’s Go SLO!


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