New Beginnings

I have been waiting to announce this for some time. A little over a week ago, I finalized the sale of my half of the business I started more than five years ago, Get Off The Couch Potato Sports Productions to my business partner. It was time to move on to new beginnings. I thoroughly enjoyed creating such great events and great brands – The San Luis Obispo Marathon + Half, the Central Coast Cancer Challenge and the Giro Della Costa Centrale. When you can combine giving back to your community with your work, it’s a great feeling. I always said my favorite part of working so hard all year-round, was the opportunity to stand at the finish line and watch people fulfilling their goals and dreams. The reward was and is the miles of smiles on everyone’s face.

So what’s next? Well, that is a bit of a mystery right now. I have always kept current my consulting firm, Highway 101 Communications and I have a client that I am helping refresh their brand. It’s going to be a fun project. I am open to the universe, including taking a full-time position with the right company where I can use my branding experience to further their mission.

Right now, I’m happy I have the time to be thoughtful about my direction. For the past 5 years, it has been a 24/7 work week. While I have more time on my hands right now, I plan on doing more writing here at Lets Go SLO! I will be publishing some of my favorite things about living in San Luis Obispo. It’s a great community.

So, onward and upward! Hope you will join me on this journey and have fun exploring SLO with me.



2 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. Heather, good for you! It takes courage to be open to the universe and just see what comes your way. I’m sure you will succeed in anything that comes to you.

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