Farmer’s Markets

One of the absolutely best things about living in San Luis Obispo County is all of the Farmer’s Markets. On practically every day of the week, there is a market somewhere in the county.

The biggest and most well-known is the Thursday night Farmer’s Market in downtown San Luis Obispo on Higuera Street. The City starts to close off Higuera Street around 5 p.m. Smoke begins billowing from the street and soon the smell of barbecue is everywhere. ┬áThis area is famous for its barbecue and market-goers will not be disappointed in the tri-tip, ribs and chicken they can get from MO’s Smokehouse BBQ, McClintock’s, MO/TAV and The Rib Line among other vendors.

Not to be outdone by all the barbecuing, there are many specialty restaurants that serve up whatever you might be craving. How about the world’s best clam chowder from Splash Cafe, great Italian from Momma’s Meatball, mediterranean fare from Oasis or noodle bowls from Me Hang Low.

The best thing at each market is all of the fresh fruit, vegetables, dairy, meats, baked goods and flowers from the local farmers and ranchers. Everything is fresh and many items are organic. The colors and fragrances from the market are heavenly. Next time you are in SLOTown, visit a Farmer’s Market! You can find one HERE.


Baked Goods


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