Buchon Street

In the next few posts, I will be showing the historical homes of Buchon (pronounced Boo-Shawn) Street. The section of the street between Broad Street and Santa Rosa St. has some of the most magnificent houses in the city. Bungalow and Victorian architecture, the sizes range from small to manors. The entire city grid has a plethora of bungalows and Victorians. The architectural details, superb craftsmanship and landscaping make this section of Buchon one my favorites in the city.

Now, I am not an architectural expert, so please excuse my ignorance in describing some of the features of the houses I post. The featured house on this post is 745 Buchon Street. One of the smaller houses, its simple, beautiful white facade, open porch, columns and bay window make it so charming and my absolute favorite. Contrast the white with the beautiful green lawn and shrubbery, just perfect. The carriage house in the back only adds to its charm.

745 Buchon Carriage



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