Carnegie Library

Another favorite building of mine is the Carnegie Library built in 1905. The brick and stone structure is just steps from the historic Mission. Carnegie donated the funds to build libraries all across the United States. It was the City Library until 1955. Just imagine the people that passed through these doors, eager for knowledge and adventure!

The architecture of the building is magnificent. I am posting a picture of the placard on the building that gives its history. Today, the building houses the San Luis Obispo Historical Society. In the basement they have all the copies of the local newspaper, The Tribune, once called The Telegraph Tribune or TT and other historical documents. The building hosts historical exhibitions, usually with a local focus. I am so glad that they did not tear the building down like they have in so many towns. It’s a shame that we feel we need to build something modern and new and just discard these structures. We are so lucky to have a downtown corridor in SLO that has many historic buildings and homes. It gives this place such character and beauty.

One of my favorite features of the building is the faces at the top of each side of the building. While I am not certain, it looks like each one is one of the four winds. The craftsmanship is stunning and unique. I just love it!! #LetsGoSLO

4 Winds 2


Front Door

Lamp Light

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