Vina Robles Amphitheater

Recently, I went to see a Tears for Fears concert at the Vina Robles Amphitheater, It is a superb outdoor concert venue where there is no bad seat in the house. It’s not that big of a venue, comparatively to the Santa Barbara Bowl or the Hollywood Bowl, so there is an intimacy to the act on the stage. The concert, by the way, rocked!! These guys are still great musicians, great voices and great lyricists. It was like a time warp and I was thrown back to my 20’s. A great concert and great memories.

The things I didn’t like about the concert; several people kept getting up to go get drinks, etc. and a bunch of drunk girls (I assume) kept jumping up on the stage. Now I don’t mind people getting up once or twice, but it was seven and eight times, no lie, during the concert. Why come to a concert if you’re not going to even listen to the band? As for the drunk girls, I really think they were the reason the band only did one encore. How can you play and concentrate when you have a bunch of yahoos jumping up on the stage.

In the end, its a great place to see a concert. Parking causes little problems and the summer nights are beautiful. Of course, they have Vina Robles wine, local craft beer and food. #LetsGoSLO

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