I Beat the Blerch!

I have to say this was my most difficult race. Being sick from a cold a couple of weeks prior really set me back in my training and energy levels. Having said that, I PR’d the race, go figure? I think I went out too fast and pooped myself out by mile 9. I ended up walking quite a bit until the last mile and then made a good run to the finish line!! My goal was to just finish and I knew it would be tough going in. Around Mile 6 the thoughts came creeping in, “I’m already tired.” By Mile 10 I wondered if I would finish. I HATE having to walk in, just hate it. But then I just kept telling myself to finish and boy howdy! 13.1 DONE!

The event was pretty well organized (and I can say that because I’ve organized a big race). Packet pick-up was at REI and the line went fast. The “Blerch” was there aka Matthew Inman, also aka The Oatmeal, signing books and merch. I just love the Blerch character (eg: I bought a lot of unnecessary stuff). The swag was great – a nice tech shirt (gender specific), a Blerch headband, temporary tattoo, stickers, etc.

In the morning, it was easy to park at Raley Field and it was a great start/staging/finish area for the number of runners they registered which, I believe, was a little over 3000. It was the first year of the race, so they had a good showing. There’s just a bunch of silliness surrounding the race. There was someone dressed as the Abominable Snowman, people dressed as Blerches passing out marshmallows covered with chocolate sauce and bacon bits (no thanks!) and lots of people dressed in tutus.

Got to the Start Line and did a bit of a warm-up, the potty stops and ate a Clif Shot (Coffee double shot, of course) before taking off at 9 a.m. We immediately went over the Tower Bridge above the Sacramento River and we ran along it before heading into town. We ran past the Capitol, into neighborhoods and then on a bike trail. Criss crossed the American River and headed back into town. Overall the fall scenery was beautiful with all the leaves turning. I never knew there were so many trees in Sacramento. They laid a canopy over the streets. I was grateful for all the cover later in the race as it started to get hot. The race didn’t have many spectators or anybody cheering along the way, just at the beginning and ending of the race. I had my iPod tunes, so I was good.

Of course when I finished I thought, “I’d like to do this race again, healthy!!” I just know I could do better. Yes, we runners have sick minds. I still have remnants of my cold, but I will be out there on the San Luis Obispo roads this week as my training continues and the miles go up in preparation of the LA Marathon in February. My absolute last for sure!! Really. No Really. #LetsGoSLO

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