Buona Tavola

Hands down, my favorite restaurant in San Luis Obispo (my opinion). There are many great restaurants in the county, with excellent chefs, and I will post about many. But, I think it is Buona Tavola’s menu selections, the diverse flavors, the freshness of the food, the wonderful wine selection, the attention of the wait staff and the intimate atmosphere of the restaurants that make Buona Tavola so appealing to me. Owner Antonio Varia is Italian and has been serving up Northern Italian dishes for more than two decades.

When you visit the restaurants, the managers are Italian and they greet you in that wonderful accent. Buona Tavola has locations in San Luis Obispo and Paso Robles. On a recent visit, I ordered the Tortellini Bufalino, pasta stuffed with buffalo mozzarella with a simple marinara sauce. So flavorful. I started with a special chicken soup in a tomato base with potato and corns. Again, so delicious. I paired my meal with a Super Tuscan and had just a sip or two remaining to go with the chocolate torte with caramel sauce. Is your mouth watering? I also ordered a latte to finish off the chocolate cake. My dinner partner ordered one of the specials, roasted chicken wrapped in prosciutto with cooked spinach and potatoes. Yum!! It was a gastronomic evening, indulgence really. And, I spoke with four people I knew who we’re having a meal before heading off to an event. Fun!! Buona Tavola is a $$$ restaurant.

So, if you are looking for a restaurant that serves up a great meal experience, whether you’re heading out to an event, popping the question, need to pair gourmet food for a great wine maker dinner (they do many), need catering or celebrating with family and friends, I highly recommend Buona Tavola. Buona Appetito! #LetsGoSLO

Buona Tavola San Luis Obispo
1037 Monterey Street

Buona Tavola Paso Robles
943 Spring Street



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