Bob’s Well Bread

I generally reserve my posts to write about San Luis Obispo, but I do some traveling now and then and find great places to write about. This is one such post. I LOVE BAKERIES!! There is nothing like the smell of fresh baked bread. Earlier in my career, I was in New York City quite often and I would go down to SoHo just to walk into all of the bakeries there. Same thing in Paris. I could not walk down a street without walking into every bakery I saw. There is something about fresh baked bread, pastries and cookies. Molding dough, the golden way it looks when it comes out of an oven and the divine smell. Of course, for me, bread is life.

So, to my complete surprise, I discovered Bob’s Well Bread in Los Alamos when I had to drive down to meet up with my daughter who forgot her wallet on a trip to Santa Barbara. I was totally willing to because there are several antique stores there and it was a Saturday treasuring hunting kind of day. I will write about antique hunting in SLO tomorrow.

Los Alamos is off Highway 101 and is an exit that you could completely ignore. Don’t! There are several places to eat, wine tasting and the old Union Hotel. It was early in the morning when I arrived and I had not had breakfast. I was parked in the antique barn parking lot waiting for my daughter when I noticed across the street was an old gas station that had been converted into what looked like a coffee shop. I decided I would go check it out.

I was so excited when I walked into the shop. The smell!! Seeing several fresh baked loaves, pastries and a big, beautiful copper espresso machine! The place was jamming, inside and out. They have some tables inside and a great patio with a bocce ball court outside. It was a bit of a rainy day that day, so I sat at a communal farm table inside. I love to hear the swish of an espresso machine. They have a breakfast menu with egg dishes, pour over coffee and more, but I went for the pear pastry and a hot latte. I was not disappointed. I spoke with Bob briefly, he was behind the counter, and learned that he used to be a marketing executive at Sony. Many Hollywood expats have come to Los Alamos. Can you blame them? I told him I was from San Luis Obispo and he said that he was considering opening a shop in town. I said, “Yes, please!”

My pastry and coffee were scrumptious.I bought a fresh baked loaf of rye bread as well. I love rye bread but can’t seem to find a good loaf in SLO. Bob gave me a taste and it was perfect. Los Alamos is only a 45 minute drive from SLO, so I will be heading down to do some more treasure hunting and you can bet a visit to Bob’s Well Bread will be on the menu for the day. #LetsGoSLO

Bob’s Well Bread
550 Bell Street
Los Alamos, CA

Coffee and Pastry

Espresso Machine

Coffee Tap


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