Treasure Hunting

There are tons of antique shops in San Luis Obispo County. If you like treasure hunting, this is the place! I am an “old soul” and antiquing is one of my favorite past times. In a cluttered world where there is too much stuff, I tend to look for items that can be repurposed instead of buying something new. One reason I know there is “too much stuff” in this world – jam packed antique stores! Plus, I gravitate to older items for their artistry and craftsmanship.

What do I look for? I love Mid-Century modern furniture. Old pottery, especially with interesting faces and stories. Old advertising pieces, books, art, popular culture characters, old trophies (pre-1950’s), sports equipment, old medals, pennants, silver, Ball jars and on and on. The pictures are from the Vineyard Antique Mall in Paso Robles.They are on the frontage road off Highway 101, take the 46 West exit. It’s a fairly sizable place with lots of nooks and crannies. Some of the pictures are from my personal collection (pieces I have picked up at various locations). It’s fun to track down and find something to decorate the house. All the pieces give my home character. If they could only talk; what would they say? What do you collect? #LetsGoSLO

Vineyard Antique Mall
2320 Ramada Drive, #A
Paso Robles, CA


Paso Antique Barn 2

Humpty Dumpty

Porky Pig

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