Montana de Oro

Montana de Oro has to be one of the most beautiful places on the central coast. This State Park abuts the Pacific Ocean and has trails galore for hiking, mountain biking and horse back riding. To get to the park, you drive straight through Los Osos on the main road, through a couple of neighborhoods, groves of Eucalyptus trees and into paradise. I went out for a stroll along the Bluff Trail with family the day after Thanksgiving. It was a great way to walk off all of that turkey!!

We decided to take the Bluff Trail because of its beautiful views of the Pacific. It’s so calming and just puts a smile on your face. We got there early and it was a bit chilly so we bundled up. The trail is a wide, flat, groomed trail. No cramped spaces here and fine for strollers. I plan on going out again soon to go for a run. Here you can skirt the cliffs to watch the waves roar in. Be prepared to see several species of birds. In fact, this is a birder area. Inevitably, California Quail will run across the trail. I tried to get a picture, but they were just too fast!! Just after walking past the trail head, expansive views of Morro Bay come into view. Can’t miss that massive rock. As you continue to walk, it’s all about that blue ocean. Since I moved here, they have expanded the Bluff Trail. On my run, I plan to explore that expansion. I don’t know why I don’t venture out here more. It truly is good for the soul.

Prior to parking, while driving in, you encounter several other trails to explore. You can park your car along the off-shoots along the road and take a trail to the expansive dunes and sand spit area. Or, if you prefer and love hills, park near the General Store, yes they have one, and hike up the mountain trail.

If you are coming to visit SLO, put Montana de Oro on your list. Plan on spending a few hours, bring a picnic and enjoy nature at its finest. #LetsGoSLO





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