I’m back!

Well friends, I took a bit of a sabbatical from this site, almost four months. So what happened? I got super busy!! I started working with the San Luis Obispo Symphony. I love it – the people, the music, the whole organization. I’m getting a new classical education and appreciation. The SLO Symphony is a community treasure and I feel so privileged to be working there. I will write more and post more on the Symphony as I continue in the job.

I also started working for an arts/charity event coming to San Luis Obispo County. It’s called CowParade SLO. What happens is companies and individuals sponsor cows (actually they are life-sized fiberglass cows) that get painted, decorated, sculpted, modified, embellished, you name it and they are put on display for public exhibition for seven months. After that exhibition period, the cows are rounded up and go to auction for charity. One cow, from CowParade Austin was auctioned off for $150,000. The best part is all that money goes to charity. This event will be a big tourism driver, plus its just darn fun!! Check out the link so you can see some of the past cows and head to the Facebook Page to see some of the local artist renditions that have been submitted.

Other things happening work-wise, just finished up the new MO’s BBQ website and working with Gyrotonic SLO on some marketing initiatives.

Life is busy and good. I have had many SLO adventures since I last wrote and I am carving out time to get back to blogging, because I love sharing #LetsGoSLO!

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