San Luis Obispo Symphony

For nearly two years now, part-time, (my how time just flies), I have been the Marketing and Communications Director of the San Luis Obispo Symphony. I was approached by a couple of Board members to come in at a bit of a shaky time for the organization. I love classical music and attending live symphonies. If you have never been to a symphony concert, put it on your bucket list. It’s such a marvelous experience. Anyway, I thought it would be fun and despite challenges, the organization is a cultural treasure in our community.

It was one of the baptism by fire experiences of learning how to promote the organization. But with my event marketing background, I hit the ground running. In the time I have been with the organization, I have done a re-brand, changed up the website (although limited with the platform its on), created multiple campaigns, collateral, promotions and public relations opportunities. The goal was to move forward into the future, and that future is here!!

A few months ago, the Symphony named its new music director, Andrew Sewell. Andrew’s originally from New Zealand and has conducted many orchestras in the MidWest. He is also currently the music director of the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra in Madison. He’s a fun, great guy and so talented. He has programmed the Classics in the Cohan season and it’s going to be spectacular. Opening Night is coming up, Saturday, October 7th at the Performing Arts Center.

I invite you to attend our Opening Night. Tickets are at You can get more information on the Symphony’s schedule at Take a break from the craziness of life and attend a symphony performance, whether its here in SLO or a city near you. Classical music is a bliss break, a respite from work, emails, demands, carpooling or whatever zaps your peace. I guarantee the music will recharge your soul.

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