The Galley – Morro Bay

Last Wednesday, my wife and I took the day off for a Day Date. We had both worked the previous weekend and we needed some down time. One of the favorite things we like to do is go to Morro Bay. It is truly beautiful and with the rock sitting by the ocean, very spiritual as well.

Since we were hungry by the time we got going, we decided to go straight to lunch at The Galley. It’s a seafood grill and bar that has fabulous food and an incredible view. It was so relaxing and just a lovely way to spend time together. I have eaten here several times.

The place is owned by the son of a friend of mine who goes to my church. On a Wednesday, they had a 15 minute wait for us. The place is popular and was jammin. So, we took a short walk up the block to a really great store called Poppy. The store has clothing, shoes, leather bags housewares, jewelry and knick knacks. It was a fun place to waste some time, but, I warn you, it could hurt your wallet!

Once we got seated, we decided to start with crab cake (yum)! They gave us a sweet roasted red pepper roulade with the cakes that just accented the flavor. Of course, we had to have a glass of white wine, so we both chose the Vina Robles Sauvignon Blanc on the wine list. They have a great selection of wines and a full bar, so if you’d rather have a Bloody Mary or anything else, they can accommodate.

For the main dish, we had blackened cod fish tacos. Another yum. They brought two really large tacos and I’d suggest sharing on their menu so you can test more dishes. It was really hard to decide. I love scallops, but decided to go with the crab cakes. During lunch we saw seals and otters swimming in the bay, a few paddle-boarders and many boats. The sun was shining and the rock looked majestic. All-in-all, it was a delicious meal and relaxing experience. If you are in Morro Bay, visit The Galley.

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